How can individuals and teams do their best work?

Leaders and organizations spend considerable time and resources addressing this question. Often overlooked is the critical component of connecting faith to one's work. My workshops, conducted both virtually and in-person, help teams and organizations consider how the gospel message can provide everlasting peace throughout the highs and lows of our career journeys.


For many years, I have led communications workshops for different higher education groups and institutions as well as global brands. These include: RTI International, Duke University, Wake Forest University, Augusta University, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, College Advising Corps and George Mason University, among others. Feedback after sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Applying these experiences and the knowledge I have gained from writing my book Reframing Career Success, I offer customized workshops. Through practical and interactive sessions, attendees will gain new perspectives about how the gospel message connects to one’s works. This has the power to provide peace, contentment and motivation.


Workshops are ideal for churches, universities, faith-based non-profits, corporate chaplaincy programs, companies that encourage faith conversations and organizations’ Christian employee network groups.


  • Customization. Throughout my years leading workshops, I have seen that no one workshop can be delivered in the same way. Each one must be customized to align to the organization's objectives.

  • Experiential. I started my company Experiential Communications with the belief that when teaching others communications best practices, it was imperative that attendees learn experientially. In teaching the principles of my book Rethinking Career Success, participants can’t just absorb and consume content. They must process it in different ways to spark different breakthroughs. Hence our workshops are action-oriented. Participants are guided by different action learning experiences. 

  • Follow-up. I have learned through my years working in the executive education space that it is not enough to provide a great one-off learning experience. Follow-up is necessary for the optimal learning and impact to take place. I will work with your team and organization to ensure there is a follow-up component.

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