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Join the Book Launch Team and Enter a Drawing to Win Free Accommodation in Florida this Winter

Join the Reframing Career Success book launch team. Apply at this link.

Raise your hand if you would like to have the opportunity to win prizes as part of a free drawing, gain new inspiration that can help you reshape your approach to work and share an important message with others in your network. Keep in mind there is no cost at all to you. All you need to do is take a short amount of time to read a free book and then, if you like it, share this book with others on your social media channels.

I think you see your hand is about to go up in the air, but you need more information. So let me share with you answers to some questions you might be asking yourself.

What is the book?

I am self-publishing a book called Reframing Career Success - Picture Your Significance at Work from a Christian Perspective. The book begins as follows: "Imagine a picture frame hanging on the wall in front of you. There is no image within the frame – just the following two words: Career Success. How would you fill in the frame to define career success for yourself?"

Subconsciously we all work with an image of success in our minds. But most of us haven’t defined what success means. As a result, the picture in our minds of career success is empty, skewed or incomplete. The standards of others – not necessarily aligned to our values – can subconsciously creep into our thinking and actions at work. Reframing Career Success is a short book that highlights Christian principles, stories and academic research to help you define career success. This new framing can provide joy, motivation and everlasting peace that can transform how you work.

What is a launch team and how does it work?

Many authors, especially those not working with a traditional publisher, mobilize individuals in their network to be part of a launch team to help promote new book titles. The Reframing Career Success book launch involves the following:

  • Fill out this form (30 seconds) expressing your interest to be part of the launch team.

  • You will then receive a free advance digital copy of my book in September (select print versions available upon request. The digital version can be sent directly to a Kindle device).

  • Read / review the advance copy of the book between September 5 - October 24th.

  • Share the book across all your social media platforms on the book launch date - October 25th - and the weeks thereafter. We will provide reminders and suggested posts for your consideration to use that you can adapt and share in your own voice. Introductions to podcast hosts, bloggers and any journalist contacts who might be interested in the topic are also welcomed.

  • We will be making available three prizes: 1st place: Free accommodation for up to 4 people (2 adults, 2 children) in a brand new house located in Parrish, Florida. You will have complete access to this home, located between Tampa and Sarasota on the west coast of Florida. It is a short drive to top tourist locations, including Anna Maria Island and St. Petersburg. You will be able to stay in the home for up to 1 full week any time between November 15th - December 15th or between January 23 - January 31. If these dates don’t work (or if you live on the west coast of Florida and don’t need accommodation), you can transfer this offer to a trusted friend or family member. Accommodation on the west coast of Florida is very expensive in the winter months so conservatively we can estimate the value of this offer to be $1,400.

  • 2nd place: The “Career Success Definition and Metrics" 8x10 inch, acrylic, magnet double-sided photo frame. On one side is a beautiful visual and the words “Career Success Definition.” Flip it around and there is an image and the words “Career Success Metrics.” You can write out - and erase - your responses directly on the acrylic frame using a dry erase marker. It is a little bit like a journal, except it is much more visible! When finished, keep this frame on your desk or place of work to remind yourself regularly about your career success definition and metrics! Value: $59.99. 3rd place: A $20 Starbucks gift card.

How will the contest work?

Between October 25 and November 6, you will be encouraged to share the book on the social media channels of your choice - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok, etc, using the hashtag #ReframingCareerSuccess. Each time you do so, you will earn a ticket. Introductions to podcasters, bloggers, journalists and other content creators also count. For example, if you share the book on your social media platforms 5 times over the course of the week and make an introduction to 1 podcaster, you receive 6 tickets. We will then broadcast a drawing in which my two boys will pull the tickets with different individuals’ names out of a hat to determine the prizes. The more tickets you have in the hat, the better chance you have of winning!

Why should you take part in this Launch Team?

1. Receive a free book written with the goal to help you think differently about their career. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Scott Drew, Basketball Head Coach of the Baylor Men's 2021 NCAA Championship Team, said: "The principles highlighted in Reframing Career Success align to our basketball program's goal to develop champions for life in which character and spiritual development are paramount. This book will help you define what true career success entails with eternal perspective.”

2. Play a role in sharing an important message. The average person spends some 90,000 hours at work over the course of a lifetime. Many toil away in frustration due to a host of different professional letdowns. For me, extracting what true success entails from a Christian perspective has been liberating. By being part of the launch team, you are sharing an important message that others need to hear.

3. Opportunity to win prizes! Who doesn’t enjoy being part of a fun free drawing? Also, if you have ever thought of self-publishing your own book, perhaps observing what works - and what doesn’t - from my book launch will be useful for you!

Disclaimer: If you join the launch team, read the book and don’t like it, no worries! There is no obligation to promote something that doesn’t connect with you! Any time one puts ideas out there, there will always be a percentage of people that don’t resonate with the content. My feelings won’t be hurt!

You still have questions. What should you do?

Please let me know. My email is

You want to be part of this. What should you do?

Great!! Just take 30 seconds to fill out this form and I will then be in touch soon with your copy of the book and information on next steps.

I know some people in my network who might be interested in this launch team. Can I share this opportunity with them?

Yes! Please do!

Join the launch team. Apply at this link.

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