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Reframing Career Success

Picture Your Significance at Work
from a Christian Perspective


Imagine a picture frame hanging on the wall in front of you. There is no image within the frame – just the following two words: Career Success. 


How would you fill in the frame to define career success for yourself? What are the images and words you would use to represent your personal definition of career success? What are your metrics for success? Is it based solely on performance-oriented results? Have you considered your definition from a Christian perspective? 


Many are dissatisfied with career outcomes. Failure to reach goals, idea rejection and unfair politics have derailed dreams. Others have been recognized for accomplishments, but nevertheless are frustrated and unfulfilled. 


It is easy to go through the motions. The standards of others – not necessarily aligned to our values – can subconsciously creep into our thinking and actions at work. As a result, the picture in our minds of career success is empty, skewed or incomplete. The content in the Reframing Career Success book and on this website will help you clearly frame your idea of career success. The book will help you: 

  • Find peace knowing God is in control in the midst of your professional ups and downs

  • Overcome career idealism 

  • Appreciate how Jesus’ death and resurrection connects to your work

  • Craft your definition of Christian career success 

  • Adopt practices tied to this definition 

Let’s capture a spiritual image of career significance! This new frame provides joy, motivation and everlasting peace that can transform how you work. 

Praise for Reframing Career Success 

Scott Drew, Basketball Head Coach of the Baylor Men's 2021 NCAA Championship Team

"The principles highlighted in Reframing Career Success align to our basketball program's goal to develop champions for life in which character and spiritual development are paramount. This book will help you define what true career success entails with eternal perspective.  

Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion

"Healing words for a professional world scarred by self-idolatry."

David Burkus, author of Leading From Anywhere

“Whether your career has had the success you desired, or come up shorter than you’d hope, this book will help you reflect on your career journey and find the significance we all want from our work.”

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