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As a pastor / church leader, you "shepherd the flock" in various ways: sermons, counseling sessions, weddings, etc. It is also important for churches to provide life-changing counsel / education for workplace challenges. After all, the average person spends over 90,000 hours at work over the course of their careers. That is significantly more time spent in a church building! By providing perspective about how faith connects to work, individuals can:


1. Understand how their faith can influence their work, and vice versa. 

2. See their work as meaningful and an opportunity to serve God and others.

3. Experience spiritual growth and professional development.

4. Foster community and connection (encouragement, advice, networking opportunities, etc.).  

5. Navigate complex ethical issues with integrity.


idea on how to define success. It becomes even more challenging to come up with a definition of career success that incorporates one's faith. 


Our tailored workshop offerings, conducted both virtually and in-person, will help your members / attendees come up with a clear definition about what career success entails from a Christian perspective. This framing provides peace, contentment and motivation throughout the highs and lows of our professional journeys. Whether your church has an established faith and work program or if you are looking for a Christian career-focused experience for a particular event, I can help you! 


Church leadership doesn't have to be experts on every vocation. But it important explore questions that enable people do to their jobs as effectively as possible with a Godly perspective.

The following video are words of praise about the Reframing Career Success workshop from Dr. Martin Slack, pastor at Westlake Church in Lausanne, Switzerland.

My name is Kevin Anselmo. I’m the author of Reframing Career Success: Picture Your Significance at Work from a Christian Perspective and I lead different workshops / educational experiences that align to the above 5 benefits. 

I am quite certain your church members / attendees want to be successful. I am also convinced that many don’t have a clear 


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I have led communications workshops for clients around the world as part of my consulting business (RTI International, Duke University, Augusta University, George Mason University, among others). Building on these experiences, I have been able to lead the Reframing Career Success workshops in various format for different audiences. 


Customization. Throughout my years leading workshops, I have seen that no one workshop can be delivered in the same way. Each one must be customized to align to the organization's objectives. I will work closely with the individuals leading your faith and work initiatives to create a tailored experience that connect to your goals. 

Experiential. I started my company Experiential Communications with the belief that when teaching others communications best practices, it was imperative that attendees learn experientially. In teaching the Rethinking Career Success principles, participants can’t just absorb and consume content. They must process it in different ways to spark breakthroughs. Hence our workshops are guided by different action-oriented learning experiences. 

Follow-up. I have learned through my years working in the executive education space that it is not enough to provide a great one-off learning experience. Follow-up is necessary for the optimal learning and impact to take place. I will work with your team and organization to ensure there is a follow-up component.

Reframing Career Success offers a great framework for organizations seeking to foster a wo

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs and how we might best work together. Fill out the form below and I will get in touch.


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