Help people consider what career success entails from a faith-based perspective. As a result, we can be content and motivated in the midst of professional ups and downs. This can lead to breakthroughs we never thought were possible.


  • Ambitious entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals who need new perspectives on how to deal with career successes and failures.

  • Faith-based / forward-thinking organizations that can roll out our content as part of their learning and development activities to inspire, motivate and encourage employees.

  • Churches that can leverage our content so that congregants have tools to work more effectively while representing Christ in both good and bad times.


#1 - Gospel anchored: We want people to experience the ultimate peace through the cross that has far-more lasting impact than any temporary career experience on earth.

#2 - Anti prosperity gospel: So much content about this topic of career disappointments and faith is tied to the false idea that if we just pray a little harder and demonstrate a bit more faith, God will reward us. We want to reveal the pitfalls of this ideology and showcase a far more credible approach that provides much greater peace, contentment and motivation.

#3 - Sensitivity to non-believers around the world: While the word “Christian” will be front and center on our materials, we aspire for individuals of all faiths and beliefs to benefit from our content. We want our content to serve as an entryway for people to consider the power of the gospel message that they may have previously overlooked. 

#4 - Humble: There are some ways in which God makes his intentions known to man. There are many more areas where we as humans can’t understand. We want to be most respectful in interpreting Christian principles where applicable while not overstepping our place in declaring our heavenly FATHER’s will as CHILDREN of God. Given the importance of value #3, we want to be most respectful in the way we communicate our ideas. 

#5 - Rigor: To the best of our ability, ideas will be tested and vetted. We will do our best to incorporate research and best practices from science and reputable organizations.

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Kevin Anselmo has achieved some goals throughout his career and has failed frequently. At times, professional setbacks have left him feeling down and out. He has been hard on himself when ideas haven’t caught on. He has frequently questioned his own abilities and lost perspective in the face of career trials. Kevin is probably just like you at times! Who hasn't suffered a career disappointment?

An ambitious entrepreneur, Kevin has been running his own communications consulting company - Experiential Communications - since 2013. He also started Global Innovators Academy, an experiential learning platform in which students and young professionals engage with entrepreneurs and innovators and then create content online based on these conversations. 

Kevin resides in Sarasota, Florida with his wife and two sons. He loves coaching his kids’ youth basketball teams and is an active member of South Shore Community Church


I welcome your questions, comments and ideas.

Please feel free to contact me: kevin.anselmo (at) gmail.com


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