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Picturing Your Significance at Work from a Christian Perspective

Countless people attribute success to “God’s blessing.” Yet there are so many hard-working people who have big goals, but don't reach them. Does that mean those who fail are not enjoying the favor of God? What does career success entail? My name is Kevin Anselmo and these are questions I have thought about and wrestled with for some time. I know that I am not alone. 


  • At a large multinational company, there is only one CEO, yet there are hundreds who are at various levels of management and never fulfilled a dream to be the chief decision-maker. 

  • For every entrepreneur making seven figures per year and now sitting out on the beach drinking tequilas all day, there are thousands of business owners who are working very hard, but are frustrated that their one big idea hasn’t caught on yet.

  • For every musician who has created a top hit, there are many who wonder why they can’t experience a similar reality as they toil away in coffee shops and bars in front of 20 people.

  • There are countless people whose career aspirations have been derailed due to various circumstances beyond their control: an abusive narcissistic boss, unfair politics and personal tragedies to name but a few.

  • Others have long desired to create an impact in their job, but for whatever reason have become stagnant and disenchanted with their work.


If you can relate to any of these bullet points, the content on this website is for you.